The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the concepts in the field of public relations. It gives examines theory and practice of strategic public relations in the public sector, modern corporate and non-profit contexts.

To equip students with relevant skills for designing communication strategies. 

A graduate level course that explores the history and practice of development communication in Africa and beyond and communication strategies used. This course is a prerequisite for all MA Development Communication students.


3 Credit Hours


Lecturer: Mr. Anthony Wambua.                                                      Email:

Phone: 0721589325


This course is intended to introduce the students to the basics of programming, structured programming techniques, and logical program flow using a current, structured, procedural language such as BASIC, C, or Pascal.


On successful completion of this course students should be able to:

1.      Define a programming language and explain why it is needed

2.      Describe programming concepts, good style and use logical thinking

3.      Explain the concepts of structured programming and differentiate between structured and unstructured logic

4.      Express algorithms by using flow-charts, pseudo code, and real code

5.      Use the three basic structures; sequence, decisions (selection) and loops (iteration)

6.      Use modules (subroutines or procedures) to simplify program organization

Differentiate between local and global variables