The course unit is intended to equip the student with knowledge on the general financial framework and the financial manager’s decision making process within the corporate entity. In particular, the student will get knowledge and skills required to evaluate, interpret and analyze financial information relevant for decision making. The student will also be able to appreciate various valuation methods as well as understand the intricacies of how the financial market operates. Theories in dividend valuation and capital structure will be discussed in the context of a corporation/firm/organization. This will be able to help the student make knowledgeable contribution to financial discussions and offer professional judgement in the workplace. Further, the course will be an eye opener to matters of financial evaluations, its importance to the economy and the value of money to an individual.

Key areas are: Sources of finance and financial markets, application of time value of money, cost of capital, capital budgeting with inflation, risk and returns, portfolio theory, dividend theory, capital structure puzzle among others.