PSY 417 ADDICTIONS AND INTERVENTIONS                                3 Credits Introduction, Addictions diagnosis,  research  and  theory; substance additions; CNS  depressants  (Narcotics/opiates, alcohol,  sedatives/tranquilizers; CNS stimulants (amphetamines, caffeine, cocaine/crack, cigarettes); Hallucinogens (LSD, marijuana); Inhalants; steroids;   other addictions  (gambling, sex, work, food, shopping,  TV, internet etc); co-dependency  diagnosis,  treatment, theory and  research;  Africans and  addictive  behaviors;  the Bible and  addictions; management  of addictions; health and  economic consequences  of additions; prevention of addictions. Prerequisite 300  level courses.

The course aims at providing an understanding of the theories that promote short-term therapy as differing from traditional therapies by eschewing the past in favour of the both the present and the future.

Jan Semester  - PSY 416 Course-Outline.docxJan Semester - PSY 416 Course-Outline.docx