Course Description 

This course is designed to develop your understanding and appreciation for design. By raising your awareness of design, this course will serve as a strong foundation in the basic principles of graphic design. You will learn to communicate visually; present your ideas and information graphically by applying graphic design principles in their own work as well as interpret visual representations presented to them.

 The course will introduce you to problem-solving scenarios that can be solved graphically. You will apply creativity techniques to create innovative and effective design solutions. You will also learn about the history of design, how various design movements have contributed to the field of design today, what role design plays in society, and how the field of design relates to other facets of society.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

• communicate information and ideas graphically

• identify the intentions of visual design

• apply basic principles of graphic design in your own artwork

• relate the design elements and principles in a visual design to its history and culture

• solve design problems creatively and efficiently

• apply creativity techniques to create innovative and effective designs