Course Description

COM 247 is an introduction to the concept and nature of news reporting and writing, including characteristics and determinants of news, elements of good news writing, interviewing and gathering information, media trends and ethical issues in the newsroom. Significant emphasis is placed upon reporting and writing news stories.

Purpose of the course: To equip the student with knowledge and skills in news identification, gathering, writing and reporting.

 The course introduces the student to a range of core concepts and themes in news writing. The students learn how to identify story ideas, research techniques, interviewing, and writing according to a traditional inverted pyramid approach. The course emphasizes on print media, specifically to writing for newspapers. Students will also be introduced to online journalism and other forms of writing, applicable to newspapers. The ethical and legal concepts that underpin newswriting that were previously not introduced under media law in other courses are also covered in the course. Assessment is built around the development of fundamental writing skills, including the ability to convey often complex information in a concise way, spelling and grammar.