This course introduces you to the history, characteristics and concepts related to mass media in both a Kenyan and global context. The aim of this course is to provide an overview of media trends, to take a journey from the beginning of mass media, through the technological changes, and the impact that those changes have had on the society. During this process you will be able to ask yourself, and attempt to answer, where the industry is headed and the consequences of the changes taking place now, or are likely to take effect in the future.


The course is structured in such a way to encourage you to sharpen your critical thinking skills as you examine and assess mass media. It is a learner centered course that comprises of blended, participatory learning using both online as well as classroom learning experiences. Lectures usually will complement not duplicate reading assignments. You are encouraged to study assigned readings prior to each lesson to enable you participate capably both in class and online. Your ideas, actions, and reactions are important, but your opinions are only strong as the evidence you offer to support those beliefs. This is certainly true for written assignments in this class, where authoritative support is needed to reinforce your opinion.

COM 231 C,X AUG 2017.pdfCOM 231 C,X AUG 2017.pdf