Welcome once again to COM 473X. As you are aware this is a blended learning course and therefore some of the courses will be taught online. The first lesson of this semester will be taught online. The other lessons will be traditional face-to-face lessons blended with some online lessons. 

Activities for the week:

1.    Read the course outline - let me know any relevant topic that you would like included in the course content that you think will be helpful in your career. 

2.    Get the main texts from text book loan/library (see course outline for details)

3.    Go to the forum discussion for this week and complete the exercise there 

4.    Ensure you are registered at the registrar’s office for this course

5.    Read on Management – what is management?

Please note that failure to participate in the online lessons before they expire means you were absent from class. 

For assistance with registration to the e-learning portal see the ICT department.