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Changes in E-learning URL

by E-Learning Administrator -

There has been a slight change in accessing the E-learning website. Now the URL is as follows which is now more secure. For users who have downloaded the Moodle app on their devices you need to edit the site URL from http to https.

Email Alerts

by E-Learning Administrator -

When you request for a password reset from the forgot username or password link and an email is sent, when you open your email and do not find the mail try and check in the Junk Email or Spam folder. This also applies to when an alert for submitting an assignment is sent.

Moodle for Mobile

by E-Learning Administrator -

You can now access E-learning on your smartphone using the Moodle Mobile App from Google Playstore.

Download the app from this link

For iPhone users you can download the same app from iTunes Store on the following link

Once you have installed enter for the site address. You can then use your elearning credentials to log in.

User password expiry

by E-Learning Administrator -

This is to inform all E-learning users passwords will be expiring after 120 days effective 6th Feb 2017. Anyone who logged in last before the effective date will be prompted to change their password. If you have already done so then you can continue using your new password until the next time you are prompted or until you change your password. Also remember to change the password in case you use Moodle Mobile App on your smartphone...