Course Purpose:


The course seeks to equip the students with knowledge and skills in writing thoughtful and analytical stories that meet standards of publication in the mainstream media and provoke debate in various media. The course will also expose students to various world views as are expressed in the media, discuss and understand the Christian world view and how it can be integrated in writing for various media.

Students will engage in analysis of contemporary media events, trends and ethics in media, and evaluate them in the context of opinion writers as well as the opinion writer’s role


Course Objectives

At the end of the course, students should be able to:

-          define and differentiate between opinion genres in various media

-          How to write  commentaries: letter to the editor, new analysis, editorial  commentary,  column, book review and  blogs

-          critique commentaries and analyses carried in the media

-          enrich student’  skills in research and interviews; construct arguments representing the Christian worldview,  respond to contemporary situations and to other views in the media opinion sections

-          Evaluate contemporary media ethics and trends, and assess their impact on the opinion writer.