Purpose: To introduce you to the principles and processes involved in managing media institutions, i.e., both in print and broadcast organizations.


Product Objectives

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

1.  Learn some theories of management from the various schools of thought and further recognize their use in modern Kenyan media organizations;   

2. Utilize the principles learnt in class in real media management situations;

3. Demonstrate the various organizational skills and duties of the media manager.

1.      Content:   Central to the course is the philosophy of media organizations, management structures of various types of media organizations, approaches to circulation and readership, management of finances and budgeting and corporate culture. Further focus will be on the development of and changing nature of media organizations, and approaches to new developments and advancement. 

2.      It will also enable you to appreciate the scope and duties of a media manager in the Kenyan context.

Process Objectives

You will also be able to:

1.      Experience key concepts in management that distinguish one organisation from another;

2.      Experience transformations in your view of reality regarding management environment.

ICO 033 U Course outline.docxICO 033 U Course outline.docx