Purpose: To introduces students to the concept of finance, investment, marketing, corporate management, micro- and

Macroeconomics and entrepreneurship reporting.

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

1)      Acquire skills to cover, analyse, interpret and write clearly on the overall business and economic situations of a country and globally.

2)      Discuss an understanding of the market forces that shape and affect the quality of the daily lives of societies and


3)      Equip the student with the ability to gauge and understand activities in various kinds of companies and securities


4)      In addition, have ability to interpret, analyse, report and write compelling stories about them and contacting interviews.

5)      Facilitate the student to discover deeper business and economic elements in stories that may appear as politics,

Sports, environment, science and technology, crime and tourism.


6)      Investigate and report on financial, analyse budget statement, private and Government undertaking

expenditure and procurement procedures.