The purpose of this course is to ground you in the basics of research writing. Through this
course, you will gain exposure to major steps in designing, implementing, and reporting
research findings. You are expected to have the first parts of a research proposal written in
draft form (introduction, background, problem statement, objectives, research questions,
hypothesis, rationale, significance and limitations as well as delimitations  and literature review). The course is designed to make you competent
researchers who can write, submit and defend a quality research-based thesis as part of the
fulfillment of the award of a master’s degree. You are encouraged to submit your work for
possible publication in a book, pamphlet or as an article in a journal at the end of the thesis.
This course forms part of a 4 credit hour course that is taken in two semesters with the first
part (GRW 611) designed to introduce ‘research and writing’ to students. The next course
(GRW 613) is designed to build on GRW 611, and to introduce students to research
methodology, including data collection methods, analysis and writing of the final thesis.

The file attached is the course outline

GRW 611-Edited copy.docGRW 611-Edited copy.doc