ACS 355 Internet Applications Design and Development.

3 Credit Hours Course.

Internet Technologies covers a broad range of protocols and techniques in today’s Internet and World Wide Web technologies. Topics include:

introduction to Internet technologies: basic definitions; internet topology 

Application protocols: Internet addresses, sockets, ports, ftp and telnet, http and html, Internet e-mail, other internet application protocols; 

communication protocols: TCP/IP architecture, RFC; the world wide web: http protocol, web servers/browsers, intranets, client/server architecture, 

Web design fundamentals (page design, content design, site design, web usability and accessibility); Design and implementation of Internet application programs: client side programming using client side web development tools (such as: html, Javascript, Java applets); 

Network programming: overview, specifying an address, opening a communication channel, data transfer (UDP, broadcast, TCP.

Prerequisite: ACS251