ACS313 Information Technology  Research Methods

3 Credit Hours
Pre-requisites: MAT 322

Introduction: meaning and purpose of research, basic and applied research, research and scientific methodology, overview of the research process; selection and definition of the research problem; importance and scope of literature review; developing the conceptual framework; research designs: basic designs, exploratory research, descriptive research, casual research, secondary designs, case studies, surveys, experiments; developing a research plan or proposal; sample design: population of interest, sample and census studies, sample units, sample size, sample selection; data collection: secondary data, primary data, construction of data collection instruments e.g. observation forms and questionnaires, measurement scales, attitude measurement, attribute measurement, multidimensional scaling, communicating with respondents and fieldwork, procedures and management; data analysis and interpretation: preliminary steps, summarizing techniques, measuring differences, discriminate analysis, cluster analysis; issue in research: validity, reliability, objectivity; research report.

ACS 313 updated course outline.docACS 313 updated course outline.doc