Welcome to Human Computer Interaction Aug 2020.

This is an exciting course!You will be aiming too low to use this unit to improve GPA or speed up your graduation date.Take time to study TRENDS IN HCI 2019-2020.


Human-computer interaction (HCI) is a multidisciplinary subject that focuses on computer design and user experience. It brings together expertise from computer science, cognitive psychology, behavioral science, and design to understand and facilitate better interactions between users and machines.

The subject is broken down into three parts: the user, the computer, and the interaction.

  1. USER:-The user is any individual or group and considers all of the factors that may influence their interaction with a machine, including sensory systems (sight, sound, touch), level of education, age, and cultural or social differences.
  2. COMPUTER:The computer is a broad term that refers to any piece of technology, software, or digital platform.
  3. INTERACTION:Interaction is the design element. Its primary goals are usability and functionality, which are always unique to every specific project. For example, a developer working on a piece of software to encourage children to get into coding will have very different HCI considerations from the designer working on a program for a professional coder.