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Hello and let me say this first: Please send me your email address and phone (I need to register you to conference calls, Whatsapp group, etc). Since I have many students, please identify yourself and the course (COM 643).

This course provides guidance in message development and specifically looking at writing and development of diverse communication tools, with an emphasis on strategic thinking and sharply focused writing. Attention is paid to defining clear message points, developing talking points, organizing information for clarity, and understanding different publics and media. Students will learn to conceptualize and execute a variety of written pieces. It will also include an introduction to research and writing about and for the ever-changing new media. 


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Dr. Caroline Kiarie - Cell: 0729-798114, prefer WhatsApp message

Advanced PR Writing Course Outline  Aug 2020 .pdfAdvanced PR Writing Course Outline Aug 2020 .pdf