CBM 018- Principles of Purchasing

Course Purpose

This course intends to equip the learner with knowledge, skills and attitudes for effective management of purchasing and supplies function


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the learner should be able to:

        i.            Demonstrate general knowledge of purchasing and supplies principles and procedures within organizations

      ii.            Examine the relationship between purchasing and supply and other functions

    iii.            Apply relevant procedures, techniques and buying methods in specific purchasing situations

    iv.            Demonstrate general knowledge on stock and inventory control

      v.            Demonstrate ethical purchasing behavior and the awareness of IT as used in the purchasing environment.

Course Description

Introduction; Purchasing Procedure; Key purchasing variables- right quality, right quantity, right time, right price; Supplier Sourcing; Negotiation; Stock/Inventory Control; Ethics in Purchasing; legal considerations in purchasing; Information Technology in Purchasing

CBM 018 - Principles of Purchasing- Course Outline.docxCBM 018 - Principles of Purchasing- Course Outline.docx