CBM 017- Principles of Sales and Marketing

Course Purpose

The unit aims to introduce the learner to the fundamentals of marketing. It introduces the marketing decisions that modern organizations make in a competitive market place.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the unit learners should be able to:-

i. Apply marketing principles in organizational decision making.

ii. Describe the role played by the marketing function in business.

iii. Demonstrate understanding of the core concepts of marketing and principles marketing.

iv. Develop and internalize a personal selling philosophy in the marketing program.

v. Build and implement strategies that are targeted towards understanding customers and developing prospect base.

vi. Carry out skillful and strategic sales presentation with a view to closing sale.

vii. Demonstrate understanding of the practice of marketing in today’s organization.

Course Description

Fundamentals of marketing, consumer behaviour, marketing environment, market segmentation and positioning, managing  products and services, pricing strategy, the promotional mix, distribution, nature and process of personal selling, attributes of sales people, sales objectives, sales territories, internet and online marketing.