Course Purpose:
To sharpen the critical thinking skills for the students enabling them to understand the integration of faith in media selection, media and culture and the future development and appropriation of mass communication technologies among evangelical elements in Kenya and globally as well as a practical Christian philosophy of engagement with the culture at large.

Course Content:
The course entails a comprehensive analysis of fundamentalist and evangelical Christianity’s appropriation of media in a comparative context, giving attention to similarities and differences in various religious traditions. You will examine how to integrate your faith into your careers and give practical responses to cultural and historical shifts in worldviews.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course, students should be able to:

1. Develop a hypothesis on the subject of “calling” as it affects their aspirations of becoming a professional in the field of media.
2. Critique the role of Christianity and media in the context of civilization and culture.
3. Contrast different perspectives in the integration of faith in the field of media.
4. Develop the taxonomy for students to effectively integrate faith in the area of media choice and selection through engagement in service in religious media ministry.
5. Critique the complex social problems in the media, synthesizing previous course work, to focus on how this material may be integrated in a Christian worldview.