This is a laboratory based course designed to help the learner find his or her way through the biomedical laboratory by introducing the learner to the world of biological experimentation, observations, data recording & analysis, the tools (materials) used in the laboratory and laboratory safety procedures.


A survey of the principles used in laboratory design; Structural components of a biomedical laboratory; Rules and regulations; Basic biomedical laboratory equipments and apparatus and their uses; Laboratory reagents: solutions, preparation, dilution, procurement, storage, viability and toxicity; Biomedical laboratory specimens: types, collection, classification, preservation, labeling and storage; Processing and improvisation; Laboratory work versus field study: procedures, arrangements, choice and suitability; records and inventory; Safety procedures in the laboratory and warning signs; Overview of analysis and presentation of data; Use of the computer technology for effectiveness and high quality in a laboratory. Learners will master the use of balances, PH meters, spectrophotometers, microscopes, centrifuges, autoclaves, microscopes and they will perform techniques like PH measurement, buffer and solution preparation, dilution, aseptic techniques, microbe isolation, staining, centrifuging and culturing parasites.


Due to COVID -19 restrictions, we shall have theory online but practicals will be done when the Government allows resumption of studies on campus.