Course Purpose

This course aims at enabling the student fully comprehend the process and procedures of developing standard project proposals. It will also explore the significance of the component of monitoring and evaluation in funded project proposals.

 Expected Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. establish  systems and standards related to developing project proposals;
  2. acquire techniques and skills in designing and writing successful project  proposals;
  3. understand and appreciate the role of project proposals in monitoring and evaluation exercises;
  4. conduct preparatory work prior to proposal writing

Course Description

Proposals writing, rationale, types, pre-requisites for writing, contents of a funded proposal; title, cover page, table of contents, abstract, goal objectives, justification, problem statement, anticipated results, action plan/methodology, sustainability plan, budget section, report writing; background, purpose, scope, limits, methodology, findings, discussion, conclusion and recommendations.

MME605X Course Outline August 2020.docxMME605X Course Outline August 2020.docx