Computer Security is the process of detecting and preventing any unauthorized use of your laptop/computer. It involves the process of safeguarding against trespassers from using your personal or office based computer resources with malicious intent or for their own gains, or even for gaining any access to them accidentally.

Why Security?

Cyberspace (internet, work environment, intranet) is becoming a dangerous place for all organizations and individuals to protect their sensitive data or reputation. This is because of the numerous people and machines accessing it. It is important to mention that the recent studies have shown a big danger is coming from internal threats or from disappointed employees like the Edward Snowden case, another internal threat is that information material can be easy accessible over the intranet.

One important indicator is the IT skills of a person that wants to hack or to breach your security has decreased but the success rate of it has increased, this is because of three main factors −

  • Hacking tools that can be found very easily by everyone just by googling and they are endless.

  • Technology with the end-users has increased rapidly within these years, like internet bandwidth and computer processing speeds.

  • Access to hacking information manuals.