The course unit is intended to provide the student with basic knowledge of pharmacology its scope, effectiveness and hazards. It covers the importance of consultation for medication and the role of psychotherapy in supporting the appropriate use of psychopharmacological agents. Integrative issues will be explored to assist students facilitate clients overcome negative resistance to the use of medications. The course unit also covers introduction and Diagnosis of PTSD; Epidemiology, Risk factors, Co-morbidity; Neurology of trauma / Psychopharmacology, Grief and trauma / Childhood trauma, Assessment: Self-report scales I; Assessment: Self-report scales II; and Assessment: Interview scales. Other pertinent issues include intervention: EMDR / Hypnosis, Intervention: psychological aids / Cognitive-behavioral; intervention: Psychodynamic / Group and intervention: Family / Art. The students will be exposed to cross-cultural dimensions of trauma including all affected populations.