Course Description 

This course highlights and analyses the field of management within the print and the electronic media industry. It examines media management principles for profit and non-profit media entities, media ownership and control, resource management and mobilization, audience selection and targeting, media policies and regulations, planning, promotion and sales, monitoring and evaluation, advertising, management of convergent media and strategic management skills. 

At the end of this course the student will 

  •  Have a broad overview of different media under study. 
  •  Know the key principles and the philosophy of management as they relate to the media industry 
  •  Apply and understand the principles of media management 
  •  Be able to integrate the practice of media management with Biblical principles. 
  •  Evaluate the performance of a media organization from a management perspective 
  •  Have acquired the knowledge and skills needed in media resource management and mobilisation; 
  •  Be able to plan and evaluate media performance in a given market – programming, circulation and promotion; 
  •  Competently discuss the controversies affecting the media industry; 
  •  Have acquired and applied strategic planning and evaluation skills as expected of media managers; 
  •  Be able to identify the legal and regulatory challenges facing the media industry, particularly in Kenya and East Africa.