Course Purpose

This course unit introduces students to a comparative study of Christianity and Islam focusing on their respective influences upon Africa, making students to critically engage in comparing and analyzing interpretations of their doctrines and practices regarding their agenda for Africa’s economic, social, and political developments.  The analysis will challenge students to make rational justifications in support of the Great Commission of the Christian faith.  

Prerequisites: BIL 111; BIL 112 and BIL 212.

Expected Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course students should be able to: -

Explain the Christian and Islamic mission objectives in Africa

Critically analyze possible effect of their respective teachings upon African communities

Identify efforts made by each religion to create peace in the continent

Analyze development contributions each has made for Africa

Discuss each religion’s current situation in Africa

Course content

Defining religion; the role of religion in society; the calling of Abraham an the founding of Judaism; the place of Judaism in Christianity and Islam; Unity of God; Biblical creation of world; creation of mankind; the fall of mankind and its effects on the world and God’s creation; God’s process in self-disclosure: the role of Angels, Prophets, and Priests; the role of sacrifices; the founding of Christianity; select Christian doctrines (e.g. God, sin, redemption, resurrection, life after death); European intrusion into Africa through Expressions of Christianity;  and factors facilitating the spread of the Christian faith in Africa; the objective of Christian missions in Africa; Muhammad and the Pre-Islamic Arabia; Muhammad and the founding of Islam; the teachings of Islam; Militant method of Islamic spread in Africa; the main objective of Islamic teachings in Africa; effects of Islam teachings upon African communities; Christian-Muslim relations in Africa on God, sin, the concept of salvation; origins of Christian and Islam Scriptures; critical analysis of both religions’ methods of expansion; Christian’s and Islam’s development agenda for Africa; and the future of Christianity and Islam in Africa. 

RET 320 X  Ccourse outline for August Semester 2020.pdfRET 320 X Ccourse outline for August Semester 2020.pdf