This course aims to assist students in integrating their learning as preparation for beginning professional practice in Child Development. The course integrates practical experience and theoretical knowledge as the student works directly with children living in Childcare settings, families and Institutions. Students examine and develop environments, materials, interactions, and planning which foster meaningful growth and development of children. The course is designed to provide comprehensive experience in application of knowledge and values learned in previous coursework. Students will select a program or facility which provides human child care services and will work at that site as a supervised intern. Regular weekly meetings with the instructor and colleagues will provide opportunities for discussion and evaluation of the work experience. This practicum will focus more on direct service activities such as assessment, planning and intervention skills, case management, documentation and recording competencies, advocacy, and information and referral knowledge. Educational/observational activities will also be credited as part of the practicum experience. Students meet weekly for a seminar to discuss theory, strategies, curriculum, and observations related to their practicum.