Course Purpose

To equip the learners with advanced practical skills for planning, producing and evaluating radio programmes.


Course Objectives

This course seeks to equip you with skills and techniques required to:

i.               Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of producing technically sound, interesting and creative radio programs

ii.              Appreciate radio not only as a tool for entertainment but also for development

iii.             Demonstrate high-level of professionalism in handling and operating radio studio facilities

iv.             Display practical ability in the use of skills for hosting a live Radio show.




COM 408L (X) is a practical course that stresses the specific requirements of both studio and field audio productions. The aim of this course is to provide hands-on training in running the production process; to take a journey from pre-production, through the actual production and post-production.  During this process you will be able to recognize that digital technology is no longer an add-on, but has become an integral part of audio production.


This is a practical course structured in such a way to encourage you to sharpen your critical thinking and advanced audio production skills. Lectures usually will complement not duplicate, reading assignments. You are encouraged to study assigned readings prior to each lesson to enable you participate capably in class. Your ideas and actions are important, but your opinions are only as strong as the evidence you offer to support those beliefs. This is certainly true for written assignments in this class, where authoritative support is needed to reinforce your opinions.


Learning Process

This course will be facilitated through class lectures and discussions, studio work, YouTube videos, guest speakers and any other appropriate learning tool.  It will also be interfaced with Daystar’s e-learning platform.