Purpose of the Course

The goals of this course are to introduce the students to the contributions of the people living in Africa from the earliest times until 1800 AD. 

To give students an overview of the early History of Africa from the earliest times to the start of the 19th century. It also aims at challenging learners to recapture their African identity, and to proudly manifest it.

Expected Learning Outcomes.

By the end of the course, the students should be able to:

Name the vegetation and climate zones of Africa.

Have an understanding of the early prehistory of Africa.

Name and locate some major people groups in Traditional African societies.

Locate key language groups, kingdoms, states and geographical features on a map.

List and explain the significant achievements of the groups of people emphasized in class lectures and readings. These achievements would include the development of Agriculture, trade, political and social structure.

Discuss a number of prominent individuals who contributed to the development of African societies before 1800 AD.

INS 212 COURSE OUTLINE January 2021.docINS 212 COURSE OUTLINE January 2021.doc