This course is intended to lay the foundation on which all other community development activities are based. Effective execution of programs and projects is necessary for the realization of sustainable community development goals and as such, learners are admonished to develop their philosophy of community development in the process of learning. It is with the above understanding that this course aims at introducing and exposing the learners to various community development strategies and programs with a view to understanding their role and significance in the development process.


By the end of the course, the learners should be able to; -

1.      Explore the concepts of community and community development.

2.      Discuss the term sustainable development and how it applies to community development.

3.      Illustrate the process of formation of Community Based Organizations (CBOs).

4.      Analyze the role of community development strategic plans in sustainable development.

5.      Express opinions about different types of community development and

6.      Design a community development based program/ project.