Welcome to Art in Africa (111A).

Africa Art People - Free image on Pixabay

Here is the WhatsApp Link for the class: https://chat.whatsapp.com/DI0LXmF1DoLLRjoLOOnrKI 

This special course is designed to give an overview of art in both traditional and contemporary Africa, its origins, purpose, interpretation and influence in society. Learners will discover that Art is not just about producing a drawing or painting, but also that Art literally pertains to life. It represents our cultural beliefs, our education, our religion and our values.

Learning expectations:

This course is both hands-on and student-focused. Significant amounts of practical work and reading are required. Classroom lectures and discussions will be interspersed with (possibly) a field trip and a guest speaker. You are expected to come to class havingcompleted all readings, practical and written assignments for that class period.

ART 111T May 2021 Course Outline.docxART 111T May 2021 Course Outline.docx