The course aims at making the learner to acquire basic facts on the immune mechanisms that are involved in defending the human body against foreign substances. In addition, hypersensivity reactions; autoimmunity and Cytokines are covered.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, learners should be able to:

1. Define the terms immunity and immune system and list the immune cells, tissues and organs in a human body;

2. Describe the mechanisms of innate immunity in humans;

3. Draw well labeled diagrams showing cross sections representing spleen and lymph nodes;

4.  Describe the origin, features and functions of all the immune-competent cells in humans;

5. Discuss the immunoglobulins in relation to their structure, functions and role in cell mediated and humoral immunities;

6. Describe different types of cytokines and explain their application in medical research.

7. Discuss the types of hypersensitivity reactions and outline their distinctive features.

8. Discuss autoimmune disorders, their pathology and treatments.

ENH 227 - IMMUNOLOGY - JAN 2020.docxENH 227 - IMMUNOLOGY - JAN 2020.docx